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A fully operational 40 ft. vegetative flowering box for the purpose of taking plants from clones to full mature harvest. Able to produce 100 lbs. of high grade AAA dry cannabis per cycle or up to 500 pounds per year depending on strain and grower expertise.


A fully operational 40 foot clone specific container for the purpose of housing and growing 5400 clones per cycle (or 140,000 clones per year) that will be then transferred to the FLOWERBOX. 


The combination of the MOTHERSHIP, CLONECUBE, and FLOWERBOX all-in-one. Most suitable for smaller operations as a standalone unit. Able to grow 9 mother plants, 400 Clones, and 360 plant sites producing over 300 pounds per year depending on strain and grower expertise.

A fully operational 40 foot genetic isolation container for the purpose of housing mothers to produce clones and for the diversification of plant strains. A container houses 45 mother plants arranged in five groups of nine plants, capable of growing five strains.

The GROWCUBE represents the future of indoor growing system and was developed to grow food naturally in bustling urban environments. The GROWCUBE System is a combination of the the most reliable and sophisticated innovation, state of the art design, and the world's top growing components for water and air filtration, system monitoring and controls.  By having multiple isolated growing environments, staggering each growing cycle, and by isolation we provide containment from contaminants and curb the spread of mold, insects, etc... It also allows us to keep strain genetics pure and the exact nutrition and light cycles for each specific strain. If the unlikely occurrence of contaminant(s) does occur, it only affects that one isolated growing container, not the whole growing environment. 

One of the most advanced features of the GROWCUBE is our air ventilation system that utilizes our HELIXWEAVER Model 4207™. The 10 HP high-static turbine blower and custom air circulation system filters its own intake and exhaust while running in either an open or closed loop configuration. This allows for a fully customized growing environment that literally blows the competition away.

In order to maintain a constant supply of cannabis, a cultivator must utilize three different plant growth stages. The mother, the clone, and the flowering plant.

The GROWCUBE System is a paradigm shift in farming and food production representing the future of indoor growing  and developed to grow flowering plants naturally in bustling urban environments. Contact us to learn more.

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    Copper light fixtures and the world's only copper hula hoops

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