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Since 100% of copper can be recycled without any loss of its original mined quality, it is the third most recycled metal. Over 80% of the copper mined since it was discovered thousands of years ago is still in use today. When copper tarnishes, a beautiful green patina covers the piece.


This extremely durable metal is an essential trace mineral necessary for survival. It is found in all body tissues and plays a role in making red blood cells, maintaining nerve cells and the immune system.

Health benefits of copper include:

+ Helps the body form collagen and absorb iron, which enables the body to form red blood cells

+ Assist the body with repairing tissues, oxygenating the blood, easing arthritis,
strengthening the female reproductive system and increasing vitality.

+ Low copper levels have been linked to high cholesterol and high blood pressure, 
cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis

+ Plays an important role in maintaining collagen and elastin, which restores skin
back to youthful appearance.

+ Plays a role in energy production.

Copper may also have an antioxidant function. It may help reduce the production of free radicals that damage cells and DNA, leading to cancer and other diseases.

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