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The FLOWERBOX is a fully operational 40 ft vegetative flowering container for the purpose of taking plants from clones to full mature harvest. A FLOWERBOX consists of 800 plant sites representing 1000 sq ft of grow space on a 320 sq ft footprint. Able to produce an average of 100 pounds of connoisseur grade dry cannabis per cycle. At 4.5 cycles, it is capable of producing up to 500 pounds per year. 

Each FLOWERBOX is outfitted with our state of the art sensory and controls monitoring system, which gives the cultivator real time data and controls as well as analytics, all from the convenience of a smartphone, iPad or tablet.


Control Room

800 plant sites per container




For more information and pricing, please contact us below. Phone (307) 217-2058 during regular business hours, MST time.

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to assisting you!

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