HELIXWEAVER is passionate about integrating new technology and materials. Combining age old knowledge with our vision for the future. Our mission is to build large and small scale horticultural building systems for urban and remote areas.

HELIXWEAVER is the fast-track solution to growing vegetative and flowering plants. The GrowCube (GC) is a robust semi-mobile growing environment that uses proprietary irrigation and air movement systems. Each cube is configured to its specific growing requirements.  For instance, the Cannabis cultivator has 900+ plant sites in a “Sea of Green” style growing method. In this configuration we can harvest each cube 5 times per year. This puts its yield at 500+ pounds of grade AAA Cannabis per year, per cube. Our GC is the only high power flowering cannabis specific unit available.


We are currently working on ground breaking technology that can be retrofitted into any older units, making them upgradeable. The GC come standard with an Apple iPad control system that can be controlled on site or from anywhere in the world that has a WiFi connection.


The GC is not stand alone however. Each veg/flower box requires a mother ship and a clone box. Both are significantly cheaper than the GC, however the importance of a full spectrum growing plan cannot be stressed enough. One MotherShip  and one CloneCube can support up to five FlowerBox if staged correctly.

We look forward to discussing the GrowCube and all it can do for your grow business.

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