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HelixWeaver is passionate about integrating new technology and materials. Combining age old knowledge with our vision for the future. Our mission is to build large and small scale horticultural building systems for urban and remote areas that enable a 365 day per year grow cycle in a fully sustainable way.

The GrowCube system is the fast-track solution to growing vegetative and flowering plants. The vertical growing system is a robust semi-mobile growing environment that uses proprietary irrigation and air movement systems. Each cube is configured to its specific growing requirements. 


For instance, the cultivator has 800+ plant sites in a “Sea of Green” style growing method. In this configuration we can harvest each cube 4.5 times per year, putting yields at 500+ pounds of flowering plants per year! Our GrowCube system is the only high power container-based flowering specific unit available currently on market.

We provide containment from contaminants and curb the spread of mold, insects, and more by the isolation in the multiple growing environments and staggering each growing cycle. It also allows us to keep strain genetics pure and the exact nutrition and light cycles for each specific strain. If contaminants does occur, it only affects that one isolated growing container, not the whole growing environment.


Each FLOWERBOX requires a MOTHERSHIP and a CLONECUBE. The 360CUBE houses all three in one. To ensure a constant supply of flower, the importance of a full spectrum growing plan cannot be stressed enough. A MOTHERSHIP and a CLONECUBE can support up to five FLOWERBOX if staged correctly.





For more information and pricing, please contact us below. Phone (307) 217-2058 during regular business hours, MST time.

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to assisting you!

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